Me Too! Say, Who Are You Again?

Face and names... what the hey???

I'm terrible with this, and it was quite problematic when I had employment. People really do like having their name remembered, and even more so when the situation is very important to them.

Recently, I've found something that I think might help me. It's a system that teaches you how to *look* at faces properly. It's very hard to memorise anything if you can't take in the original details - and where does one start with a face? Isn't it just *how* it looks overall? Turns out that there are only a limited number of things you need to memorise to be able to recall a face in good detail. After all, that's how Identi-kit pictures work!

Hopefully by breaking it down, I can slowly improve my ability with faces and names.

If this sound interesting to anyone else, check out Tony Buzan's stuff:

He has a lot of great info on how to use your brain in a more effective way!
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haha! I remember people, like who they are or something, but I can not recognize them when I see them, it's weird. My friends think that's funny and mostly so do I, but sometimes it's just weird

Oooh, how interesting! *clicks it*

You don't sound dumb asking about RSD! It stands for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. You can read about Constant's experience with RSD here: ( ) or a very short introduction to the condition here:

no problemo, birdie boy ... not your responsibility to take care of me, to be my doctor, etc. but i appreciate your friendship and thoughtfulness! you're a peach!

Tony Buzan's books also have a good collection of memory aid stuffs. If you haven't used them before, peg memory systems, the roman room system and rhyming systems might help combat the short term memory issues! Not just his books, of course, but most books on memory will cover those things. His just happen to be the simplest, easiest to use, I've found. Sorry I didn't think about your RSD-related memory issues before, otherwise I would have mentioned it! :)

EXCELLENT! perhaps it will help me overcome some of this short term memory trauma i'm having thanks to the RSD... thanks, birdie!