It's difficult.

Don't know why.

I don't want to seem to brag.
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write like thunder, strike like lightning.
I don't like to judge tattooed lesbians that wear thick glasses but you have to attune to water to be a good writer. water flows and finds a way around all obstacles.
I wrote 2 screen plays very quickly and easily, and I made money from them.
I still have some of that money to remind me of my success in writing.
I hope that helps you, you lesbian leopard! LOL

When I was very young and just started work in an office, I was sat next to an elderly woman to learn my job. She was an inspiration and such a good heart. We both loved to read and talked a lot about books. Then I discovered she mainly read biographies. I asked her why and will never forget her answer. "I love them because the lives of other people are so much more interesting than mine". This was from a woman who had lost both parents and been raised in foster homes, who worked in an ordnance factory and drove ambulances in World War II, whose son was kiiled in the Falklands and whose husband was blown up in a freak accident in a ship repair shop. Through all of this she never lost her hope or faith in life. What I learned from her is that we all have a story to tell and what seemes commonplace and mundane to you may be a nugget of gold to someone else. Strive for what you want, darling. Find your voice and sing!