it's rained almost every day. not a lot, but enough to interfere with summer plans.
rain has, especially in the middle of july/august, become an everyday thing. it'll be nice, but then one cloud will appear, and then another... and it's raining. my brother's baseball game got rained out multiple times.
there were a fair amount of days that weren't nice, due to the fact that it would rain later. it would clear up by evening. better late then never.
there were too many storms, at least in my opinion. and they would happen so suddenly. one day it was GORGEOUS outside. sometime in the evening, i heard... thunder? um, it's been such a nice day; where did thunder come from?
by bedtime, there was lightning bright enough to light up my own room through the window!

but what's been happening in the week is making me long for the random storms.
ever since Wednesday, it's been Cold and Windy-
wait, cold? um... this is summer. you know, the season of HOT WEATHER?
i've even noticed some of the trees changing colour. dear god...
the wind won't stop, the clouds are constantly covering the sun and also refuse to leave. it's still been raining a bit almost every day, but less. and even after it rains, instead of the clouds clearing up, they stay as though it's never rained.
i was WAITING for the weather to warm up. wednesday: oh, it's just one of those cold depressing days. it will get better. Thursday: ugh. it better clear up after this; it has to.
friday: oh. another, um, cold windy day. what a coincidence.
in canada, summer hardly means anything anymore. the weather has never been very reliable, only this year it just seems to be worse.
the whole year has been cold; it feels as though we've just escaped winter (winter kept coming back and it was never fully spring until at least may; it snowed in april) yet the weather must be THRILLED to dive back into its favourite season for another six months.
i don't know if i can take this...
hans13 hans13
22-25, F
Aug 16, 2014