Overacheiver Now Stuck In a Rut

i was always a good girl.  i am an orthodox jew.  i followed the system, earned a 4.0, went to a top seminary, went to an all women's college and started teaching jewish subjects (part time at first and now full time) at 19!  i am almost 25 now, have my MA in education and have been teaching for 6 years!  i want out- my job is easy and pays well, but i am so tired of being around the same ppl my entire life.  i have a loving husband and beautiful son, but i want to leave my job and work with new people.

the problem is, every job i find on the internet either does not pay as well as my current job ($60,000) or they don't call me back.  i have no idea how to network.  sigh.  i always thought i'd be something amazing, something unusual, but i teach elementary school.

don't get me wrong, i am good at what i do, but i want to experience different things.  sigh.

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2008

Hatzlacha Rabba!! :-)

So go do it...!