I Feel Like I Am Going Insane. I Am 27 Years Old.

I am so happy I stumbled upon this group. I am a high school school and college graduate. I really hate my life. I am in serious debt from student loans, and I barely scraping by with a part time minimum wage fish'n'chip cook job. I feel like life is over. I wake up everyday and ask myself, is this really it? The rest of my life? The best my life will be? I am 27 and still don't have a clue what I want to do "when i get older" But guess what?! I AM older. I should be opening a retirement account and stashing money away to retire with in 30 years. But instead I'm cooking fish, not able to pay my bills and still asking my parents for help. I feel like a complete failure, and, well, I just feel like an idiot. Everyone seems so put together, and has a plan or goal they are working towards. And they're always so damn happy. I want some of that too! I am happy to be part of this group, I don't feel so alone now.
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1 Response May 10, 2012

They're not as happy as they may seem... all those other folks your age. Life for your parents' generation was a lot easier. The idea of a good, solid job for 30 years and then retirement with a good pension is a thing of the past. Spend some time figuring out what you enjoy doing and how you enjoy doing it -- something you do or would do even if there wasn't money attached to it. That essence of who you are that gives you a spark and makes your energies light up! Figure out how to offer that gift to the world - maybe it's through a non profit, maybe it's through an innovative new business, maybe it's joining forces with a friend to start something new, maybe it's joining the Peace Corps. <br />
Don't be fooled by the "American Dream" of scrambling for more, more, mine, mine - it's often more of a nightmare in the end.