I Don't Get Why

 I have a tendency to freak out  (as in have a panic attack) when I am stressed or angry, but I had never had one because I felt uncomfortable in a social situation. I am very easy going and (definitely not to brag or anything) but I find myself to be approachable which tends to draw people to me. I also don't have a difficult time getting a conversation going which makes me wonder why I freaked out the other day. I had to run to the bathroom and sit there for 15 minutes until I felt like I could breath well again; I was so upset afterward that I just had to go home. I feel like these episodes are only getting worst.
CrazyHippieChick CrazyHippieChick
2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Thanks for the insightful comment :)

Sometimes it is are surroundings , or someone , maybe a subject that can set these panic attacks off. <br />
For someone who suffers depression panic attacks can be part of there lives . My ex-wife suffers from panics attacks , we've be divorced for 13 years and are friends today . When she suffers a panic attack she goes and hides , she as had them happen at church , work, on an outing ( she was with friends ) even at home when everything is quiet and she is just relaxing . Afterwards she calls me telling me what happened, I listen and as she unloads she starts to feel better. She is seeing a doctor , it helps as her boyfriend is of no help , he tells her she just needs to get a grip . He is not a listener , but he sure likes to tell her what her problems are. I hope it is possible for you to see a doctor. Find an expert I talked with my ex-wifes doctor , asking him for advice he told me I was doing fine just listening , not to give advice just listen. So young lady I will listen to you if you like when you have a panic attack. But please see a doctor.