The Lords Beauty And Love

I am now connecting more deeply to my spiritual side in Life, I am seeing the Lords beauty in Nature in general, as i grow with him through prayer , meditation, fasting  i am being moved deeply to understand his Love for us. I feel his warmness when i look up at the clouds and the sunrises and the sunsets....i feel his presents through nature i put my Faith in Jesus Christ because he leads me and is my source of peace and happiness. Surrendering my life to the Lord and putting him first he has been giving me dreams that i can only thank him dream was a dream of a banuet in heaven or maybe new jerusalem when it comes i am not sure but it was an edible(out of this world) plant that i put on my plate that had many different berries on it ...i have never got to eat it the dream i went to use the restroom in the dream then woke up to use the bathroom. Another dream ( main part that caught my attention) was me running in the forest and was being chased by what seemed to be soldiers, i jumped on a tree climbed up and called on the Lord to hide me from them, then the tree grew branches and hid me ...but when the branches moved the soldiers below me where being attacked by wasps or hornets and i felt bad for them....I felt very warm by these dreams that i had when i awoke because i know the Lord is with me .If anyone has any comments or similar experience  or stories about their walk with the Lord feel free to share i Love hearing how good the Lord is
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1 Response Aug 3, 2010

One thing I just want to mention...
Are you following Him to become His favourite so you can go to new Jerusalem? Or become the 144000? Or do you actually desire His love? It was something I had to clear and decide in the beginning.
His love was intended to be a choice. His love is the prize, the rest is just perks. In my opinion, I would be happy not to enter the kingdom if it meant I would earn Gods love.
I'm just asking you to keep the real prize in mind. If you already have, I'm grateful ;)