Unappreciated Mother Of 5

Every year I hope that my family will surprise me with a gift. I
have 5 children, 3 of whom are 21 plus. My husband never does
anything and I wait for the day to end. We give my mother a gift
and everyone watches her open it, then I clean up and that is it.
I go to sleep with hurt feelings, wondering how I could have devoted
my life to being a mother and no one thinks anything about it.
Eileen5 Eileen5
1 Response May 14, 2012

I am sorry this happens to you. I know it must be sad. I don't get gifts from my family, for mother's day, in particular, but I am okay with that, because they are very good to me in other ways. For mother's day, one daughter invited me to do lunch with her. One other joined us, one called me and the fourth was too busy becoming a grandmother for the first time to even think about calling me. That is forgivable. The thing is, they treat so many days as mother's day. If they plan an outing, they will invite me to join them...which I do occasionally, but not always. I don't want them to stop offering so I don't accept every time.