It could have happened anywhere in the world.  Any of the world's people could have been the victims.  Why there and not here.  Why them and not me.  How was I blessed and spared yet these beautiful people handed so much misery.  Forgotten people soon to be forgotten again.

No question marks.  I live in gratitude that my family and I are safe.  We've never been victims of nature's wrath and I pray we never experience it.  Nevertheless one must wonder.  Waking to wander aimlessly, no food or water.  Just what is on your back.  In search of loved ones.  Knowing they are likely lost forever.  Knowing that how they died will never be confirmed because of the chaos.  Living in too much chaos to mourn your dead.  One must wonder how they make it from minute to minute.  The human spirit is so strong. 

By God's Grace I've again been spared.  I look upon their misery.  I pray for them and donate what I can.  Then I have the priviledge to forget about them.  Just like the victims in New Orleans and the tsunami have been largely forgotten. 

It is a priviledge.  The type of priviledge only those who have never known true suffering can appreciate.  Its the priviledge of sleeping soundly because you feel invincible.  No such horrors can touch me.  It could have been me but for the grace of God.  But I have been spared and am arrogant enough to feel entitled to be spared.  Living in a peaceful place, free of extreme conditions, I belirve terrible things happen to other people.  But not here.  Not to me and mine.  Never when I was visiting Haiti. The arrogance of priviledge and good fortune serves as my reminder.  It could be anyone, anywhere, any time.  The victims of natural disasters. 

The Haitian people will need help for a very long time.  They were forced to litterally purchase their freedom from France which made them one of the world's poorest nations.  Payments to their enslavers came befor infrastructure.   Imagine a neighbor with just above nothing whoose home burns down.  Then imagine a nation struggling for its independence when everything is destroyed.  There is no freedom without money.  Haiti will need help for a very long time.   






MSWExperience MSWExperience
Feb 19, 2010