One Of The Worst Breakups I Have Ever Had...

I was with my ex for a year and a half. but it was a very unhealthy relationship. I use to trust him so much until he cheated on me. I thought i could stay in the relationship since he asked for my forgiveness. But i became so insecure. I hacked into his email and his facebook and i saw him talking to other girls even after he said he wouldn't anymore. He even told some of the girls that he was single. I use to cry myself to sleep after reading his emails and i didn't know how to confront him. I didn't want him to think i was some crazy girl who invaded his privacy. Our relationship was going good which was the scary part. He seemed to love me more when he was talking to alot of other girls. I lost it one day and i said some very mean things to him. That's when it all started to go very bad. For two months straight we would have horrible fights and said very mean things to each other. I finally told him about the emails and he still tried to lie his way out of it. He said he was just flirting and that it was nothing for me to worry about. He is not a bad person but i think he has a problem with women. He has also had a very bad life and i helped him so much. i sacrificed alot of money just to make him happy. But now  i text him like 50 times a day and call him. Sometimes we talk and we say sorry but then he pulls away again and i start to go crazy. I know this sound so ridiculous and i don't know if anyone else ever been through this. I feel like i am losing my mind. I feel like I'm helpless. When ever i get the strength to stop texting and calling he will call and text me instead and i start to get sucked right back in. I don't know what to do and were to start but i know this has to come to and end. The crazy part is we act like we are still together and we are not! What is this and how did i get caught in it. please help me.
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. . . sadly my break up was similar only reversed i was the guy and she was you and trust me i regret my **** not because it was wrong but because i lost her it made me change so the best thing for you and maybe him is end it make sure he knows your not going to put up with it and if he wants you he has to be with you all the way end it thats all i say if he looks in the mirror and sees a demon like i do now he will change and maybe then you and him can really have a healthy relationship

Thanks newfriend1. I really appreciate your comment.

This guy WON'T change. Sorry for getting straight to the point. Every man has a friend like your boyfriend. They don't change because girls that are acting like you will always be there for them to go running back to or to have on call when things are a bit slow on the pulling scene. You need to wake up and get control of your life. You sound like a really nice person and he will pray on this with you beacuse he knows he can keep running back to you dont let him treat you like this. I dont know why woman love the bad boy when they know there going to get hurt. You need to be stronger for yourself and say enough is enough I deserve better and there is someone better out there dont sell yourself short. You will be happy when you havefound the right one because the feeling of trusting someone 100% is much better and you will know this when it happens. I hope everything works out for you.