Chest Feels Hollow Now..

I recently became single. My girlfriend and I had been together for nearly three years. Our relationship has been strained for about a year because of, well, life. We both go to school is separate cities and but during the summer I would go home to work and she would opt to stay in her University city to live.
She did not enjoy coming home because of the history she had with our home town. This made things increasingly difficult during the summer months when school is out because I would see her even less.

I feel like I'm not explaining this very well. Let me clarify. When we're at school we are separated by an hour bus ride. It was quite easy. So during the school year is when I would get to see her and the summer break was when our visits would spread out.

Well about half way through the summer that just passed we decided that maybe we should go on a break. I think we figured we were just too comfortable coasting along in the relationship and we mistook that for being in a rut. Well when the summer ended and school started again I tried to try things out with her again but she told me that she had gotten used to being alone.

There is so much back story and points that I missed here, I'm not one for typing out large stories so I skipped things.

The basics of it are that I was destroyed. I gave her everything I had, helping her in anyway possible and never asking for anything in return. I just feel betrayed that she could just move on like that. Did what we had mean so little to her?

Everyday I regret the decision to go on break, in a few short months things have changed so drastically and I feel lost. I lost my girlfriend and my best friend.

I now live and go to school, I put on this shell of happiness, while inside I'm just empty
Burtay Burtay
18-21, M
Dec 3, 2012