I Shouldn't Have Broken Up With Her (help!)

Last year around this time I was dating this girl named Malii. I met her on this dating website. Since the first second we met we clicked instantly. It was like we had known each our whole lives. And not only that we had everything in common, from the tv shows we watched to our favorite colors. Malii was the coolest girl I had ever met. She hated twilight and facebook. Loved superhero movies. And did I mention she loved video games? Not some stupid Nintendo crap! Real games like modern warfare! Yes, a hot chick who likes to play modern warfare....can you say too good to be true?

since our first date we used to chat on msn for 4-5 hours every day. With some heavy flirting. But whenever I would set up our date she would mysteriously be MIA the day of the date. And not answer my phone or txt msg. She later would say something like she was sick, she lost her phone and her internet wasn't working (she would say all those 3 things)

A month after our first date we went on our second. But before we could make it to the movies she stopped me and told me that her sister wanted to meet me. I met her sister at this pub. 5 hours and 27 mins later. Malii hugged me goodbye and said that we would go to the movies some other time.

The next week she bailed on me again. Said she had family trouble. I really really liked this girl. And I wanted her to be my girlfriend. But in the last 2 months I had seen her barely for 2 days. And I kinda felt like she was treating me bad. I logged on to that dating website I had met her on ( I had deactivated mine, after I had met her) I saw that she had been on it regularly and she had just been signed in 40 mins ago. I was devastated. Wasn't I enough!? What other reason could she have had to be on it.
I was heartbroken. I couldn't sleep that night. I decided to call it quits. I sent her a long text message on her phone that said that I knew she was still on the site and that we should stop seeing each other. She sent back a reply almost instantly. "no babe I don't even know which website you're talking about" She was lying, poorly I might add. But I so desperately wanted to believe her. I told her that this was it and "goodbye". I deleted her number and her email address.

Time passed and I started to miss her. Miss how we used to talk, how special she made me feel. Because when you're single or "alone" as I like to call it. Nothing matters, you could win a gold medal and no one would care. But if you had a special girl smiling and running to hug you after you won that medal. Than that makes it all the more special.
I went on date after date with these boring girls. We had nothing in common. They were so boring and quiet. They weren't anything like Malii. I realized how much of a treasure she was. And how hard it was trying to find women like her. I went on so many bad dates in 2011 that I just cringe when I think about that. I feel like she was one in a million and that I won't ever find someone like her again.

I checked out that dating website she was registered on, and she was no longer on it. No way to find her. I had previously deleted her number and email. Like a dumbass. I started going out a lot hoping that I would bump into her and I would apologize and she would take me back.
My friends, all of them think I should move on. But I suck at moving on. And I really really miss this girl. What should I do!?!?!?!?! HELP!

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Hey, you'll find the right girl, mabey even better than Malii. Mabey it was ment to be be that you called it off and that she kept bailing on you, that should be a clear sign.