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I would have had an affair with my boss, but he stopped it before it could start. it was an emotional affair for sure. he was very attracted to me and wanted to, until I fell for him. He wanted sex and fun, that's it. When he learned I wanted more, he backed off, I took it hard, I was so hurt that I didn't talk to him for a long time. When I did talk it was just angry. for a while now things have been good. I know he is still very attracted to me, but never flirts like he did. Never texts first, or calls like he did. But is available to talk to me anytime I need him. He says that he doesn't want to hurt me, and that if it went further I would be hurt. I miss the attention, and I would love to be with him. I just don't know why he hasn't ever made another move. He sometimes won't look at me at all, or if he does he just looks nervous, scared or jumpy. I know he likes me, he is good to me. My queston is this, I sent him pics that he loved, they were very hot, but I sent them a long time ago. Is it possible that he still has them and that he still might look at them? Would that explain why he avoids looking at me sometimes? If he is still interested in me, why doesn't he ever make a move? I want him but he seems to thinkthat I am only in iterested in a relationship, that I'm too good for what he wants. I haven't let him think otherwise, I like that he respects me and don't want that to change. But I want him. I've been flirting a little lately but he seems to want to steer clear. That hurts some, and keeps me from making a bigger move. Will he ever come around again or did my emotional outburst a long time ago just turn him off completely? Is there anything I can do?
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it shows that he is a good person and despite the temptation (you) he can still control himself and differntiate reality from fantasies. i think he loves his wife too much to let anyone interfere with his happiness. he probably just likes you for some sexual urges.

I think he is doing you both a favor. I am sure this hurts like H*LL. Keep ur chin up and remember all wounds heal with time. You will get thru this.