I am having an affair with my married boss. He's 9 years older than I am and I knew from the moment he asked me to go on a date that it was the wrong thing to do but something about doing the wrong thing I love doing. The physical and sexual attraction we have for each other is crazy. I don't expect him to leave his wife for me , I know that what we are doing is just for pleasures on both part , but the more time we spend together, feelings start to come to play. He'll get jealous about other men at work trying to date me and he starts talking about how much he is starting to fall for me and I'm always reminding him that this is nothing more than just sex. Truth be told, I'm falling for him but I make sure he doesn't know that. after all, he is married and this was just for pleasure. But I'm addicted to him & don't want to let this go. Even if I know that what we are doing is terrible. He gives and show me so much respect and he's caring. Everything I would want in a man. Every time we get the chance to be together, all we do is laugh & be happy. Both of our problems and stress we have is gone when we're together. I would never thought id fall for married man, but here I am falling....
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You are the perfect lover and concubines. You know your place and enjoy the benefits of tour liaison. You can fall in love but always knowing your place.

It hurts so much to fall for someone who can never be completely yours, doesn't it? :( I am so sorry for your pain.

That's not fair at all for him to get jealous of other guys. If he's not giving you 100% of himself, how can he expect you to?

Because You Have a Heart !
It's Easy without life getting in the way of a relationship for him.