Wild Affair With Married Boss

Wow! I am so happy I have found this site! My boss is married with 2 kids, I am married with 1 kid. He is 19 years older than me and we are having the wildest time I have ever had with any man! He wants more, and even wants us to move together, but for me it is too much, I love in a way my husband and I dont think I can leave him. The time I have with my boss is terrific though and I got so addicted, that I feel I have lost control and cannot stop it any more. I dont want to  cheat on my husband, but I dont want to stop my affair either. It makes me both happy and unhappy at the same time. I know I have to make a decision at some stage, but cannot decide if this is something I really want to do. If boss divorces his wife, he has to pay her half the salary anyways, and he has 2 kids, who he loves as well. I just think it is too much of pain for everybody to go through. My boss turns me on big time!

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wait until your husband knows , then pains serial will come

I am 40 married with 2 kids and have a very serious crush on my boss, he's a couple of years older than me, married with 2 kids. We have high pressured jobs and most of our time is spent wining and dining clients. I have been incredibly happy with my husband, but since our first baby our marriage has become rather sexless. 6 years with next to zero sex. Once in the past 2 years. I have known my boss for almost 2 years and he slowly started growing on me, he was always cute but I wasn't attracted to him. Well a lot has happened since then, including some very heated arguments whereby he has apologized profusely to me the next day telling me how much I actually mean to him and that we are like peas in a pod. I left on vacation recently for 2 weeks and I couldn't get him out of my mind, I missed him so much it physically hurt. Now at present I am completely obsessed with him. I fantasize about him ALL the time. We have to socialize together sometimes and we have a blast together. he beams when we are together. I can't imagine this a passing phase, I think I'm going to encourage an affair. If you knew me you would never ever think I would do such a thing. But I am also exasperated with my husband not trying to improve things in our sex life. I could have it every day if I could. before we married I warned him that if our sex life ever came to an end I would look else where and he'd never know about it. All I have to do is think about my boss and iliterally get a heatwave up and down my body. It is electric. I am so stuck, don't know what to do and NO I cannot leave my job...I envy you in a way. Is it possible to fulfill ourselves like this and continue to have a normal life?

When I was in my late teens and early 20s, I left college for personal reasons and started working as an office assistant. I was young and naïve - so when my boss or supervisor would flirt or make advances - I usually gave in. I moved around to different companies, but I cant count how many "office affairs" I had in those first 2 or 3 years. It was always during work hours in one of their offices. It got to the point where it was literally part of my day - I would go to work expecting to give oral sex or have intercourse with someone at the office. Most of the guys were married, which I did not mind at the time. But now - years later - I feel horribly guilty for that.
The funny thing is, I met my now husband when we worked for the same company.
Once we both knew we would be getting married, I left that company so there would not be any work issues carrying over into our lives.
Office affairs are tough, especially when both sides are married.
Be very careful -

Your married and have not mentioned one problem with your husband, stop being a ***** and control yourself. If your going to leave your husband, do it then sleep with him. You already cheated, what a shame no one takes marriage serious,y anymore it makes me sick.

You are so out of line for calling her a *****. Nobody calls men ****** for having sexual urges. Keep your paternalistic, small penis rage to yourself!

Imagine living with him - and all the headaches associated with his divorce, resentment from his kids, etc. Your husband turning away from you. How much does that turn you on?

Update from last Story. We made out heavily today. He was so aroused as was I. We waited until everyone left. He felt my breasts as I wrapped my legs around him. I tried to get an ****** while he was ontop of me making out, but he backed off. Of course, he tried to come back for more after I went back to my computer. We are trying to resist, but there is this force drawing us together. Help!! We're both married w/ children.

A story of bosses of Best-Buy doing female employees

Wow, my boss is 10 years older and we've just started the pre-affair. We're both married w/ kids. We've flirted, hugged, Peck on the cheek, etc. I would never be attracted to him had he not been my boss. Regardless, we've both come to a mutual agreement that we are not leaving our families or letting this get out of hand. Personally, I think I'm addicted to the excitement, not him.

My manager keeps having affairs, he moves from one young uni student to the next.
All the women in this website would say it is his bussines and the young female's bussinesses. Yes, It might be their bussinesses that they do not care he is fat like a pig, has no morals and no respect for anyone other than himself and his daughter is almost as old as the young girls parent's.

They walk in to the company while they are at uni, they ask and always get the hours they want and somehow they also end up with the highest paid shifts, while staff that have been there for over 15 years they lose the shifts they used to do and given new family unfriendly hours and if they complaint they lose their job..

Can you call this love? can you call "life achievements and rewards" what these young girls take away from these affairs from this person?

I do not think any of the women that ever had an affair with their bosses can
claim that they never got any extra benifts in their workplace for doing their bosses

I am going through exactly the same thing. I got caught having an affair with my boss. I am the mother of 4 beautiful boys and was happily married. My boss swept me off my feet. He made my world turn again. I have since separated from my husband and I am still seeing the boss, albeit my boss is still married with 2 kids. It is a very difficult decision but just measure up all the pro's and con's realistically because it is often the ones that you dont consider important that are. Over the past few weeks, I have almost decided that my husband is who I need in my life as I have after all of the turmoil, pain and suffering realised that he is my world and I am still madly in love with him.....

Wow, please give us an update. Did your husband take you back. Can a marriage be normal after an affair has been found out? what re-sparked the intense love for your husband?
Thank you for sharing.

I was the boss in that scenario years ago. It was great at the time but I realize now that I was giving my family and friends a fraction of what I could have been. I eventually worked to get my marriage back on track and realize that life is much fuller today. Although the wild ride was a helluva escape while it lasted! :)y

Come on continue ur affair have a lot and lot hot sex with ur boss both of u ll b happy. If ur man and ur boss's family dont kno abt ur affair den its very good. all r happy . ull have a terrific wild affair just put ur boss on bed in ur office and ur husband on bed in ur bedroom. So both r saticified and ur happy. U 've no other go so have nice time in ur wild sex 4r life long

The grass will always be greener on the other side of the fence. ALWAYS!

There is too much pain involved once you get caught more so for the kids. You must stop before there become the death of two families.