I Had An Affair With Married Man....

i had an affair with a married man. he was my ex boyfriend and got married with other woman, but their married didn't work so they got separated based on the guy's story. actually before he got married we still see each other until one tine he told me he will getting marry because the girl is pregnant. and then for a while we stop seeing each other but we still communicate through text messages. then we see each other again, but nothing happened. until one time when we meet again we agree to go to the motel and had sex. now im 6moths pregnant with him and he is denying it.. actually we never reconcile we just see each other when he is sad and lookin gfor someone to talk to. within one year we only see each other four times and we only had sex twice. and now he stop seeing me because the knew im pregnant with him and he dont want it and dont believe that this baby is his. he just dont want to face his responsibility and keep telling me that he cant support the baby coz his salary is not enough.. im thinking to file charges on him to get financial support for the baby. do you think i have a chance to get the support?
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The court will make you take a paternity test during the course of gaining child support, but once the paternity test comes back and the court sees it is his child, he will be made to pay support. Since it is his child also, he should pay support.