Sometimes I Feel Like I've Been Branded.

When people find out that I am having an affair with a married man, I am immediately the bad person. I'm a *****, I'm a homewrecker. I am white trash in its most classic form. I am everything that every woman hates. But in reality -- I'm just another woman in love.
My life was getting farther and farther out of control when I met him. I was in a relationship with a man who treated me like dirt, that's a lie. He didn't even have enough enthusiasm to treat me that badly. Anyway..
I met the man that I am now in love with. He's wonderful. Loving, kind, understanding. He would do anything for me. But of course to those black and white seer's out there, all they see is a ring on his finger.
They don't see the relationship that he and his wife both know is over, they don't see the constant behind the scenes battles as they try to amiably end their relationship for the sake of their children. they don't see the two of them struggling to get a house finished so that they will all have a place to live when they get a divorce.
They don't see how she could have done anything destructive to the marriage. It's all me. The shameless little tramp that seduced a loving husband away from his family. It's just not true.
He sought me out. I did not seek him. Given, I gave him a chance, but I was in a dire situation myself. We both needed each other to understand and confide in. Now it has gone much deeper than that, and we're just waiting on the final blows to land, so that we can pick up the pieces and start our life together, and their life separately.
I'm sorry to those of you that think every affair is cut and dried. It isn't. The why's and how's aren't always as clear as you have imagined in your head. Judge me. Call me a ****. Call me a *****. But atleast I have experienced a love like I will never get to experience again.
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Cheating is always cheating. That man you are mucking around with should man up and grow some balls. Do the decent thing tell his wife and let his wife then take him to the cleaners for decieving her. Lying is wrong in gay, bi or straight relationships.

Your both very much at fault here.

The #1 thing you did wrong was caring what people think about you. People always see what they want to see; so, just keep it moving, sweetheart. You know the situation behind the story, you know how you feel about the man. Yes, he may be legally married, but if they both are in agreement about the divorce then whats the problem? Ive been in the same situation you are in now. Im currently happily married to the man. I wish you the very best of luck, honey! Keep us posted! :)

Thank you so much! I'm trying really hard. Some days are better than others lol.

One day at a time, sweetheart! :)

I'm not church-y, but I would remind those who judge you not to judge harshly. I wish you the best. If the marriage is over, it's over. As long as the divorce is acknowledged and both parties are aware and agree, it's not the same as a traditional "affair".

I don't think it is, but then again, he is still legally married to her, which in the eyes of so many people, means that the marriage is still intact.