The Short Version.

I met him through my best friend's boyfriend, we sat next to each other in the car that night because I accidentally spilled an energy drink on his side of the car. He started touching my leg. It had been so long since anyone had touched me at all.. I went for it instantly. I never expected to see him again. But I did. The next weekened, and the one after that. Then there was that period of about a month where we had no way to contact each other. I got smart. I figured it out. We started talking again.
My best friend was so mad at her boyfriend.. She needed to prove she was done with him. She slept with his best friend.. and I was hurt, but I didn't let it show. After all, we had only seen each other a couple of times. After all, it was his choice too.
A month went by, and I was starting to clear my mind of him. Then he called me. Told me he was sorry for sleeping with her, that he wanted to be with me, but that she told him i had given them my permission, and he thought that meant I wasn't interested. But I was. He knew I really was, he just realized it too late. So I invited him over to talk. We talked for hours and made love well into the night.
Things were wonderful! I had the wealthy fiance who could provide me anything, and the undercover lover to keep me content. Then it all changed. One night he called me.. Not to set up a meeting, but to tell me he was in love with me.
He told me he wanted me to be the last woman he ever touched. I wanted to be the last woman he would ever touch. So we embarked on a relationship in the gray area of society. Living for phonecalls and texts between 7 and 5pm on week days. Hoping on the weekends we could sneak a couple of hours together.
Loving in the night, friends in the day. It became deeper. I'll never leave my wife, became if I leave, became when I leave, became I'm leaving soon. Now I sit here quietly, waiting for our moment. Loving a man who still isn't mine, and praying someday soon he will be. I'm in too deep, and I cannot be without him.
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Jan 13, 2013