Love That No End !

I seriously knew that he was married with kids and there will be no end if we were still continued this relationship.  But sometimes, when it comes it just come, i cant stop myself of falling into him. I know he love me as much as i love him.

We had a wonderful times togather, he spent time with me almost every weekdays. Our life were just as sweet as other normal couple, only different was he cant expose me in the public and spent time with me during weekend. Althought, i will complain and show temper to him, he will just comfort me and pampered me.

He cared about me alots, made me felt that i am always being protected and love. Unfortunately, our relationship was being found out by his wife. He told me that we need to stop this relationship because he cant leave his family. I knew this will be consequences since the day 1 with him, i am not blaming him. Just feel too sad to end this relationship, my life is in mess now without him around. Start to feel life is meaningless, i cried day and night. Especially when alone in our home sweet home. That refresh me of the happier time being togather...i feel so hurt and down, cant even have the mood to continue working.

After 2 month of seperation, we have slowly get back to each other coz we know we love each other too much, and cant let go of either party. What we do is to be more careful. We cant have much time togather compared last time, but i already feel satisfy with what we are. At least i know he still care and loves me alots.

3 days ago, i think she has found out that we have been back togather, she started to create war against us. I feel so sad that he has to be pressured over this. I am thinking of letting him was so hurt whenever i was thinking to let him go. I even have a thought of ending my will be meaningless without him..i cant continue without him..

I know i should just end this relationship, not for me but for him. I want him to have better life, but i am having a tough life now. I dont know what to do, i cant think out of the box. Please help me God !! show me the right way, i need a guide now....

freeme77 freeme77
31-35, F
Mar 2, 2010