Am I Sick For Feeling This Good?

I have been friends with this guy since around Auguest last year.. He is 38 and i am 22. (The age difference doesnt bother me). We have just been friends and are member's of a local group together and see him often. I have always found him attractive since the first time i met him but have never played into my fantasy's because he is married.  Recently we were having a conversation via text when the talking suddenly because hardcore flirting. I was very surprised to find that he was intested in me as well.. Over the last few weeks we having been hanging out when he gets a chance and just flirting. A few days ago however we finally crossed the line and did the deed. It was amazing! I had never had such spontanious wonderful sex. I didnt feel guilty then and i dont that normal? I know his wife, were not like best friends or anything, but i still know her. Shouldnt i feel guilty?!? All i can think about is the next time i get to see him..

charmingz100girl charmingz100girl
22-25, F
Mar 8, 2010