In A Happy Place

Been together 10 yrs, married 6, no sex in last 5 yrs due to ED/impotence and he does not want to do anything about it. I started an affair with someone whose about 9 yrs younger than me, he knows its just an affair, we enjoy each other, and I should feel gulity but I dont. We have not even shared a room in years except on vacation! Its given me back myself, and I am in a happy place. I know its not forever, but for right now it suits us.
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Ollie, I am curious about what you mean by "laying ground rules"? I have been having an affair with a much younger man for the past 4 months and I keep thinking about ground rules but am having a hard time wrapping my head around rules. I would really appreciate your input or feedback on how you did it and what sort of ground rules?

Thanks you!

Feels like you awoke from a state of half deadness?!<br />
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My first affair on my sexless husband was with a younger man and I remember being shocked at how much I needed it. A drink in a desert. How did I go as long as I did?<br />
<br />
Eventually I sought therapy when it ended b/c then I was in shock at how much I missed my younger man...and guilty that I'd let my husband shrink told me something very powerful--"your husband left you first." By leaving me sexually he in essence was leaving the marriage--especially if he was unwilling to do anything about it. So it felt a bit freeing & that is why you don't feel bad & you shouldn't. <br />
I am now in an open type of marriage & that isn't perfect either...but working for now. <br />
Good luck to you!

Yes, work related travel can be a god send in a sexless marriage--good point, as I have it in my life too &amp; it's helpful