Having An Affair With An 18 Year Old (i'm 47)

I'm 47, married with two kids, a stay at home mom. We were having some work done in our back yard and I ended up in bed with one of the workers, who is almost 30 years younger than me. I've never been so sexually satisfied as the 3 hours we spent together. The sex was incredible, but I'm married. I know I should feel remorse but all I want is more. Is something wrong with me?
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Its the sex. Raw powerful sex. The body of an 18-year old hammering at the insides of a 47 year old and making her *** and *** and ***. Hubby obviously cannot compete. Use him for the sex, be careful never to take anything for granted or get caught. Lock the door always, main door and bedroom door, just in case your kids or visitors or hubby decides to walk in on you both in flagrante delicto. Love. Jiks

Sounds great. How do you "end up in bed together?" Did you pull him into the bathroom and start kissing madly? Or just give him a beer and admire his tight jeans so he offered to give you a back rub? Just askin...

Well, if and whenever your boy toy has a side project older or younger woman and you just happen to find out then ask yourself that same stupid question!

You sound healthy to me. Go ahead and have your fun BUT be careful. I have had a lover for the last 8 years (not as young as yours..lol) and we are ALWAYS careful, and do not take anything for granted! Have not been caught and have no intentions to get caught. All the best to you!

This is a perfectly natural urge for both of you.

Cultivate him as a sex object, and let him do the same with you. There is no reason why you shouldn't continue with a happy and healthy marriage (as long as you don't start refusing your husband sex).

Maybe he will train you to do some interesting new things that will make marital sex better too. As him to try.

Lucky guy!

Nothing wrong. ...

I have enjoyed swinging life style for decade so I can your sexual urge for young man but in my case i do with my husband's consent. You better stop this or suggest your husband for open marriage if you think that is possible.

I would say it's a wrong thing u did how would u feel if it was ur husband who slept wit another women if ur husband is not satisfying u talk to him wat u want him to do in bed

there is nothing wrong with u lady.Its natural to get attracted to younger guy,

If you were my wife I would encourage you to enjoy yourself with other men. I get my enjoyment from watching. You have every right to be satisfied. Also I am willing to bet your young lover was satisfied.

There is nothing wrong with you - you enjoy the youth, the vitality, frankly, the hard ****! But, your marriage is at super risk if you are found out! Worse, your brief infidelity may lead a court to remove your children and leave them with the husband. Perhaps a healthier way to look at things is to reestablish a great relationship with your husband. Teach him to love you as did your 18 year old. Treat him like you think a man wants and needs to be treated. You may find that the great sex came from you, not the lawnboy. . .

Thank you for sharing this story. I have been wanting my neighbor and I am 39 and he is only 19. I am also married. I haven't done anything only because I am not sure he wants me too.

Its up to you to take the lead. Call him to help rearrange some heavy furniture in your home, wear a teddy and see how it goes. Be careful, lock the doors, though.

you want power in your life
you want to break the routine
try to make it crazy with your husband

At 47 you are very natural (biology wise), just let it go as a passing fun thing. Affair to me mean a long term thing.

Nothing wrong with you at all. Enjoy and be safe. As a woman and in an affair for close to a decade, I can relate. Sometimes you just need that. Period!

nuttin wrong with it, although ur married. I cant blame you for looking for more, probably ur Husband cannot obviously satisfy ur needs, after all ur just Human. But, how would you feel if ur Husband is the one looking and having an affair? Would you call that fair just because you were sleeping around?

Up to you darling. You've to remember your married life till date. If your husband has given you no reason to complain, then would you want to rock the boat?

The text of this story is unusually succinct for a 47yr old female in that situation.... I note no gender on profile. Is this -- real?

Put passion back into your marriage, then you will remember why he was the one and should be the only one.. Unless hes abusive, then that should be the story.

Some times we need to have enjoyable experiences to feel whole again. No you should not feel guilty about that, you needed it. If everything stays the way it is now, had sex, enjoyed it, everybody happy. It is great!

I have one worry though about the consequences. There are always some consequences of our choices: good, e.g. you have found a perfect sex partner, less desirable husband found out about an affair.