Up until two months ago, I was a content wife and mother of two. I went out with friends one night. I met this guy, we hit it off immediately but more as older woman to young idiot...lol. About a month ago, he called and asked me to breakfast. I figured, no harm..We had lovely time and he asked if I'd like to run a few errands with him and chat. I said sure, as I had nothing on my agenda that day. Somehow during the day, we stopped at his parents house and he was showing me the land. I turned to say something and he kissed me. Well, the attraction is banging, and its been on ever since. We've slept together four times and each time, I feel life I'm dying when I leave him. He's 15 years younger but I forget all the time about the age... We hide everything from our friends, but now there's serious emotions involved. I love my husband but he's never home, always overseas. I feel like a tramp but with this guy... I feel 24 again and like I could have a life with him. I don't want to lose either one but my younger man.... He came along one promise to late... But says he'll wait forever... There's no way to get away from this without someone getting hurt. I don't want to let him go. I love him and he loves me... But I also deeply love my husband...
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I am wondering what is happening your life now are you still with both of them?

Sammy 7000 is wrong you can be in love with more than one person at a time. If you continue this relationship tho someone is going to get hurt. A little fling can be a good thing but it sound like you may have a lot to loose you already have a family. Where will you young lover be when you turn 60 and he is 45. Enjoy the attention and have some fun.