OVER!!! Will someone please hit me on the head? I went back to him, had amazing s3x with him on Friday and yesterday he tells me he has met someone else that he is sorry for the confusion. I was hurt, it was a loss, it was a rejection for the second time. And I don't know what to think. He seemed very sorry. This has been a very, very painful experience with lots to learn from. The first time he let me go I was very classy about it, didn't stalk him, didn't text him, we kept the massages professional. Then he made his moves again, me like an idiot, fell for them again, he asked me back to his place, OMG, I am reading this saying WTF woman? This man is toxic and you just eat it up. I give up. Seriously, this second time around, I want to make him suffer for reeling me back in.
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The problem is I actually cared about him. All his problems, his failures. I acted like his mom and lover and what did that get me? Dumped. I should never have offered my emotional and financial support. I was fine just having a nice romp now and again but the minute I gave him money again I felt used because he dumped me right after. Each time he has given me the money back. He is giving me the money back tonight. So tired of the mind games of young men. He wants me, he doesn't, he does, he doesn't. F-that. I am a business professional well esteemed in my community and alumn circles. This just ****** me off.