No Wonder We Have Affairs

Alright, this conversation absolutely floored me. I was having a wonderful time with my lover on Saturday, and we were enjoying each other in ways that I am sure all of you have done with yours. We were on the subject of oral sex for him. I nonchalantly asked him as I moved my mouth downward," So darlin' in your opinion, am I the best at this or what". With a look of pure innocence on his face, he stated, "I have nothing to compare it to but in my opinion , you are fantastic." I looked up to meet his eyes and raised my eyebrows. "Really?" I questioned. "Not even when you were a wild young man in college or a newly married, husband?" He shook his head , "NO!" Now I am know I am not a wanton **** or a woman who missed her calling to a life as a **** star but I have given a few blow jobs in my day. I do know this lover has received the wealth of my experience, knowledge and expertise. And I do believe he is most likely the most deserving of oral sex too.

My confusion lingers.... Is it true? Are there women who have have never ever pleased a man in that way? Maybe I should change my name to Susie Slurp or some such thing and take on a side job. Honestly, I have come to the conclusion, there are are reasons for affairs and maybe, just maybe the less adventuresome will take note of this story and others like it and for once just let go!
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It's a selfish society as a whole. How great would it be if both lost all of there inhibition and just enjoyed each other.

there are joke about women not having to give blow jobs once they get married.

In my experience most women give oral sex. I pretty much expect that they will. without giving it a second thought. I have heard that some girls dont, but then some guys do either. giving oral sex to a woman is something that I even dream about.
Another thought is that the women that I connect with tend to be the type who would enjoy sex .

I am unsurprised. I love both giving and receiving oral sex and went my entire marriage of over thirteen years without it. Well, there was hardly any sex as well so in a logical way it makes sense.

I am still baffled reading this for a second time.
Why do people not give their partners oral? Seriously, it's fun to do, they enjoy it and it makes you feel amazing to watch their facial expressions.

Me too! Such a travesty that are such selfish partners in the world!

I like feeling them shake, myself. Usually too on task to make eye contact.

Ive been married for almost 20 years my wife hates doing it and i almost threatened to leave her because i do it to her all the time! She had only been with one person b4 me as far as i know! And she told me she did it to him all the time and swallowed and everything! I can count on one hand how many times she has done this for me in the last 2 years! Up until recently I've chalked it up to this is how it is! But im still in my 30s and i have nit had a good bj in 20 years! Shes so bad at it because of her unbelievable selfishness and I'm over it. I don't see us making it another year

My lover gets many these days! You do deserve to be a happier man.

Well, I hope psycho is not synonymous with BJs.... In real life, I only become a bit crazy while in a locked hotel room with the lover. I always loved giving them. since I get to indulge more often, my complexion is gorgeous.

I hope not either. I mean, the others who have given me BJs weren't psychos, but I've seen at least a weak correlation between psychosis and skill in the sack. Oh well lol...I guess I have a bit of psycho in me as well heh

Hmmmmm...I'm going to have to think and look back on my past and see if the BJs/complexion thing really holds up!

I'm nuts and a good lay...O.o'...maybe you have something there...

If "normal" means I am not having fun during oral sex and all that goes with it..... Color me crazy!

My stbx gave me tons of head prior to being married, but NEVER after that. When psycho-girl (my ex-girlfriend/OW) gave me one, it was like heaven. It had been ten years. Since her, and since filing, I've had my fair share. Receiving, giving...I love it all!!

So you had a psycho girl ex-girlfriend who liked sex, and ended up marrying the "safe" option, too?

GOOD FOR YOU ;) iamalsokoyla!

Well, I married the safe one back in 2003. I met psycho-girl last year and we had a torrid affair for about five months. Crazy *** sex, hours-long sessions, roadtrip ********, in cars, restaurants, showers, beds, was glorious from a sexual standpoint. But she is a psycho, and we broke it off. Still, I learned that I could never go back to sexlessness. Take a look at some of my stories. It was a hell of an experience.

I have only ever been given a BJ twice in my life and only by my wife she wasn`t into it on the other hand I used to go down on her many times.

Awww! Degbeme, that is just wrong. I hope one day she will see the light.

I`ve been married 38 years and we haven`t had sex in the last 11. So I don`t see that happening any time soon.

You can add my Wife, sorry STBX, to the list.

I am so sorry Sweetie! I know you are destined to receive amazing, mind blowing BJs soon!

I was talking with my H about this several months back. "Are there seriously chicks that do not give ********?"
He claimed he dated plenty that *never* gave a *******. I don't understand. Oral sex is - to me- just as fun as regular sex.
*blows* my mind that some people don't do it!

I adore giving him that pleasure...his enjoyment excites me!

I see what you did there ;)

My partner doesn't. Hasn't for over a decade. She also claims this is normal and women don't like it. Lies!
My lover on the other hand; I can't keep it out of her mouth...

So happy you are getting it now. Gosh, Imagine being in a relationship in which both partners love it all AND want to please each other too. My lover and I talk about that all the time.

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I had one partner who didn't want to give it - but enjoyed receiving it. Well, I left him - it was 20+ years ago. So we are different - you might not like anal - some others do. That's it.

Plenty of women have a phobia about oral. Dumbfounds me. I love giving and receiving...and swallowing {wink}.

LOL! Aren't you supposed to swallow? It's supposed to be great for you complexion!

Seriously...I've heard that of the subset of women who participate in oral, most do not swallow. Again...I just don't get it...I think my guy tastes fantastic!

My lover and I have long conversations about this subject. Did you know if he eats pineapple, it is even better?

Hard to imagine, but I'll let him know :)

Yeah, my stbx never swallowed, but psycho-girl did and so have others I've been with. In fact, I've found it more rare to not have someone swallow. After 10 years of sexlessness, I wondered if I tasted bad. I actually asked psycho-girl how I tasted and her answer "you taste fineeeeeee lol"

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Definitely a late ****** to getting a getting a bj, or even any oral attention at all. I absolutely love giving oral attention to my lover... dining on her special treats... and have been a fan for years. But I'll bet 1/2 of those ready to "go all the way" decline my hungry tongue and the pleasures they might experience (and maybe know nothing about.) Sadly, I think you're right... you and your talents are precious and all too rare!<br />
<br />
xox :)-<br />
Max<br />
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Thanks for the add by the way.

Isn't it amazing how alive sex makes you feel. I have no hesitation in giving as much as I receive - it's all part and parcel of the enjoyment as far as I am concerned. Silly women - don't know what their missing out on.

Kelki and gentleman1, you have very clearly articulated my point of view. Thank you.

So happy you have found that state of happiness!!
Keep up the passionate life!

I am thinking that relationship will become sexless which is what brought me and it looks like most of us to EP in the first place. Honestly, without this affair I would probably have died by now. If we all just decided to lead a passionate life, imagine how fantastic our world could be. In the meantime, I guess I will feel lucky to have a mini honeymoon every other week or so. Here's to all of us that give unconditionally no matter what. We will always have more fun!

Oh absolutely it's true! I am soon to be married to a man that had been married 33 years to one of those women mentioned by Stevem7..she loved receiving oral sex but never once offerd to give, and very seldom even allowed intercourse. What an idiot she is because she lost one wonderful man..and much to my pleasure..I am gaining him! Women open your eyes to what's available to your men if you don't provide it!

Stevem,<br />
It is interesting that many women are the first to complain about a selfish bedroom partner but they never take a look in the mirror. Oh well, the selfish b******* are missing out!