Im Having An Affair

im a married 46 yrs women who has recently just started this affair and have never done anything like this before in all my 28yrs of marriage and i can honestly say  i istill have love for my husband but he has had so much illnesses in the past years which i have stood by him through it  all that it has retired him from our sex life and this i missed sadly. which threw me to flirting with a very good friend of mine who is also married and hence to say i have to be very careful in what i,m doing as my lover is in my family circle lfe too. which makes it hard for us to get more time together. we only have the odd casual sex which is fantastic when we together and we both know it . im so obbsessed with him  i just can,t get him  out of my mine. we both don,t want any homebreaking to go on as he still loves his partner to . but what we have is something we both  want that our other partners can.t give .we have been seeing each other for 8months now and it also difficult for us to chat together as he works and his mobile is connected to work and all calls are itemised which his wife would get to know but i only wish we could see more of each other and talk about our feelings but  thats not possible at times  i know its wrong what is going on but they say u can,t love two people . but why is i am or is it just a pssion and lust . i would love to tell someone how i feel but that can never be and why i,m on here as it makes me so depresssed at times when we can,t get to see each as much as we want i don,t know if it my lover i miss most or the guilt i,m carrying that upsets m at night or both frown,
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I know how you feel. I know you have read my story and yes at times we love so much it hurts. I at least can talk to my lover all day. He calls me on his way to the office every morning and I am also driving into my office. He calls me every night on his way home as well. During the day we text each other pretty much all day even if it is a simple I miss you I love you or thinking about you. We pretty much see each other daily because of meetings due to our line of work. I know yesterday we both left the meeting at the same time and entered the elevator alone and together he grabbed me and kissed me ever so passionately. We grab whatever time we can get together at this point and we miss each other horribly at night and when we are too busy. As long as you two are carefull you can make this work. I know this probably better than a lot because of my situation. Yes you can love more than one person at a time I think. Enjoy the stolen minutes you do get together fill those minutes with as much passion as you can and just hold those moments close and then the next moment you get together will be all that more special and full of passion.

The tragedy of scruples, yet in my eyes you have acted honorably. You can love 2 people. Did you not love each of your children?

sorry about the miss print i,ve lost my classes and i,m a right butter fingers at the moment and i never check my spelling haha

thanks for your repy but my lover doe not do anything wiith computers tahts why also find it hard as we really lack of comuication till we see each other around but like i said earlier its getting a excusue to se him as he is close to the family circle oh i don,t know at times wish i can walk away but the pain of thinking that hurts me to much much as i just want him more. i find it difficult acept we must be distanct for the family sake and the wrong we do. but if only i wish i could spend one full night with him and have long talks we propably sort my feeeling out but i don,t thinck that wil ever happen.

Keep reading the storys on here. It will make you feel better. As far as the depression,,,try finding something to keep you busy. Its hard when you want to be with someone so much. I read one story of a women who only gets together with her lover once every 2 years. But she has excepted that is all they can do and enjoys the time they are together. Do you guys use email? Or any kind of messenger? <br />
I was apart from my guy for 3 weeks. I emailed him the beginning of a erotic story and then he would add to it, and then I would. It was so much fun. We kept it going for a week. Phones are not good to use to communicate.