Several, Actually....

I take no great credit for it. I can't pretend that it's anything other than engorged sexual appetite. My wife is beautiful and my best friend.

But ever since I first slipped from the straight and narrow, I can't stop myself chasing the thrill of illicit, adulterous sex. Currently, I see someone I met on a chat forum every couple of months. She likes to be bullied around a little. The last time we met, she called me 'Sir' while I spanked her. Then I sodomised her on her dining table.

I also see two of my ex-colleagues. One that is technically unfulfilled as yet, but we've certainly crossed the line of what 'friendship' means already. The second I see only every few months under suitable circumstances, but when we do the passion and the intensity of the sex never fails to blow my mind.

Then there is K*** - a woman who circumstances and geography mean that I have only met once, and may never do again. In a lot of ways, our relationship - by phone, text and MSN was the most intense of all. We never expected anything of each other in terms of commitment or dramatic gestures, but we *loved* one another. Recently, we have made a conscious effort to pull away from each other for exactly that reason. It has been a tempestuous, emotional and thrillingly erotic relationship.

There is also C***. We've chatted online for years - and never very sexually. But recently things have changed somehow. Especially now she's married herself. I feel it is only a matter of time before something happens, as her husband is out of the country a lot.

I try to be careful in several ways:

1) I limit the encounters so they are never too frequent
2) I am always very honest in telling my lovers why I am doing what I am doing
3) I always respect their positions, as they require as much discretion as I do
4) If I feel that emotion is becoming too much a part of the equation, I open up to discussion about it
5) I never condemn any fantasies they harbour - however outlandish, because I know that many people struggle to express themselves with honesty

Obviously that doesn't make me a perfect man, but those are the ground rules I set myself in a bid to keep my marriage alive alongside my illicit life.
yorkshireman1 yorkshireman1
31-35, M
Jul 30, 2010