It Never Should Have Happened Like This...

Was it a coincidence that I met him? Why was it that whenever we were together, the chemistry was undeniable? I knew that both of us were wondering the same thing, what the hell was going on? Neither of us were typically the others type. Not the usual guy or gal we would be interested in. Yet something sparked off the first day we met. We liked the same things, we laughed at the same jokes, finished each other’s sentences and always had this undeniable closeness between us. There was physical and emotional attraction. What made it even worse was that we both had the same hobby and a lot of other things that was really very freakily similar. As though fate had brought two people from the opposite sides of the world to each other. Everyone teased us at work (thats where we met) that we would have been the perfect match. But it was a little too late, and fate was cruel to have us meet like this. Not when both of us were already happily married. We should have never ever met.
But we did, and the attraction was too strong. We ended up ahving a one night fling, felt extremely guilty afterwards and went apart but now progressing to something more or not....we haven't done anything since but we're still always finding ways to be closer to each other at the office. We just can’t help it. You can’t deny feelings and furthermore fate has a cruel sense of humour, because it keeps bringing us closer together. We tried to take extreme care not to step out of the boundaries. It's insufferable, this friendship or whatever relationship this is. Being friends with someone that you really want to be more of with. I told myself it was just a fling, a physical attraction phase, maybe both of us were just bored with our marriages though we were happy, we just wanted to feel the thrill of a relationship again. But then again, who was I kidding. There was something deeper here. Yet it is not to be explored. BY no means.
So where do we go from here? I'm sonfused. At the moment I can't even call this an affair since we had only one fling....*sigh* and I suspect he is as clueless as I am on what to do next.s

sallyann56 sallyann56
Aug 8, 2010