I Told My Husband About My Affair.

Well I did it. At first I wasn't going to tell him that I had slept with another man, but he got it out of me. The funny thing is he knew it was coming. He wasn't mad. I had already told him that I was seeing someone but not sleeping with them. This last weekend my family left. I was dying to see my lover again and finally did. It didn't start out as if we were going to do anything, as time went on we did.

I told my husband that I wanted a open relationship. He never really answered. Not sure what he is thinking on this. And now with me starting... Guess we will have to see what happens the next few days!
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Just to let everyone know...We are still married and this will be 15 years. Hubby and I have worked everything out. And yes I do have mental problems which is why hubby has stuck with me. Our relationship is as strong as ever!

if your husband is still your husband, then he is a fool

well it has been a while since i have written on here. My lover and i have split. He is still a friend and my boss, but not sexual contact of any kind. Which was hard at first. Hubby knew i was upset and felt bad for me. No worries! i have another in the works. We are planning for a nice long weekend together sometime soon.

Well no matter what it don't sound like your husband want's to give you up yet .And he may understand what you were going thru to but i think you done the wright thing by telling him but if you split you may not be able to count on the other one either .

I am learning. Acually our marriage is stronger. My husband is spending more time with me and he is learning that I need attention too. I have told him everytime I have been with my Lover. I know it bugs him, but I don't want to stop. I will have to keep you posted!

*smile* It's addicting to be desired. Just be careful!

I think I am going crazy! I have successfully kissed three guys in one day. Hubby, Boy Toy, and best friends hubby. What is wrong with me! It must be an addiction! Yeah thats it!

Wow, will be interesting to see what happens.