Now She Wants...

We got into this all knowing, she is single, she knows am married and have a toddler, we became friends at workplace, she knows am living alone in this country on a job, we thought we will be best friends, we started holding hands, went to movies, meeting every day. One day we kissed and everything followed. After 6 months my family joined me, still we kept going.

Now she wants to get pregnant by me, she knows i will not leave my family. only reason: she loves me badly, she wont tell anyone, she will be a single mom.

Please help me...
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Im just goin to speak from personal experience ... 2 years ago I had sex with a married man it wasn't Ment to be anything else but sex 1 time ... To cut a long sorry short we had sex I fell pregnant, I told him I couldn't get rid of it as I had previously bn told by drs that I was unable to fall pregnant naturally .. He stood by me and said that the decision was mine n that he would try and help anyway he could I was scared but gettin rid of it was out of the question it was a miracle n I believe things happen for a reason ... I hav bn having an affair with a MM now for 2 years I we also hav a beautiful daughter together .. I love him with all my heart .. It's hard sometimes like wen I had to give birth to her by myself all alone that was the hardest day of my life ... But I would not change a thing I fully understand that he had kids and a wife b4 we came along and I hav always told him that I would never make him choose between us ..and I won't ... Even tho he is in an unhappy marriage he will leave wen hes good and ready ... He loves us I no he does we will b together 1 day Ino that .. Once his other kids r grown he will b with us he's there for them and that's fine by me .. We r bestfriends we talk and txt all day everyday we try and make sure we c each other at least every second day He is great with our daughter he loves her and she loves him .. Ino things r gunna get harder b4 they get easier like him not being there for her first Xmas and first BDAY and stuff like that but we just take everything 1 day at a time ... Ino he would leave his family in an instant to b with us if I made him choose but just knowing that keeps me happy ... I'm not sure if this helps u at all but I thought I should just let u no that yes the situation u r faced with is happenin in other ppls lives I understand that our circumstances may be different ... It is extremely hard and if yur not goin to leave yur wife and kids for her in the long run don't do it bud hope this helped

Don't do it!!!