How Size Matters

Yes this story is about my affair but please read the intro:
This will be funny to some of you, to me it's an observation. My husband, whom I've decided to leave is British. He has a smaller penis, and when I first met him the thought never even crossed my mind. It wasn't something I even thought about. I was 22 when we met and started sleeping together. The thing is he has penis issues. He is circumcised, which in England is outragaous apparently. He explained it all, how he had been mocked and shy about his penis for this reason. I explained that it's the opposite in America and I hadn't even met a penis that wasn't circumsized to date, so he should feel quite comfortable with an American! We had a beer and laughed it off. I thought nothing of it from that point.

In hindsight I now see how his penis issues damaged our marriage. It was the things that he did to me and his insecurities that caused me to question my love for him and turn to another man, from which has given me the courage to leave him - go out into the world on my own in search of large penis men without issues! The penis issue has made my husband jealous of women in general. Apparently a women years ago had said something to someone about his penis being small and it got back to him. That's why in his eyes women are looked at with scrutiny. Who wants to be with a guy like that... I've had to prove myself for so long as being a gentle spirited girl and I'm tired of it, especially after his abuse! That's right, he did the physical and verbal abuse route. We worked those things out in counceling and I did try to save my marriage then enters the MAN. It was useless though....

My new MAN. He came along, persistent and in a similar situation, he isn't married but in a deadend relationship, so now we have each other and we're both trying to work it out. It is tough right now cause I am in the midst of moving out of my house, still in the throws of divorce and barley see my lover... we work together, so I see him several times a week but we have to be professional, as professional as you can be working at a bar. But yes I've had the chance to encounter his penis and I get the feeling there will not be penis issues with this one.... So I guess size matters only when it comes to mentality guys. That's my story - the short version

stonefox stonefox
May 7, 2012