Torn Between 2 Men But Might Not Have A Choice That Frees Me.

I am 35 with 3 daughters. I started out young very I love with my husband and father of my children. I was 17 when we had our first daughter, 21 when we had our second. Married him when I was 22, broke up when he
had an affair after our second daughter was about 1 yrs old. We got back together and had daughter number 3 when I was 25.I met my now bf when we were separated at the age of 22. So for almost as long as I have been married I have had this serious relationship.

It gets much more complex, I got pregnant at 22 by my bf and then had a miscarriage. I went back to my husband and didn't see this man for A few years. He got in a short term relationship and we had a few intimate encounters but then he moved out of state. After my last daughter was born I started talking to him again. He was out of the relationship and moving again to a new state. I started selling real estate and he had a mortgage broker license in both states. We started working together and ended up getting close again.

Then he moves in with someone else and we start to have a long distance affair. We finally decide to be a couple long distance. He moves out and I help him get on his feet. After this I go back and forth to California to see him and get ready to tell my husband I am not happy and want out.

Then before I do it my bf has a drunk one night stand with some desperate girl o. MySpace and she gets pregnant. I don't find out til I am there with him for a week and via tm on his phone I find out. I end it and he marries her. Now 5 yrs later we are back at the same point and he asks me to wait and give him sometime because he loves me but doesn't want to have his daughter hurt, the same thing I did to him all those yrs ago when he left his gf for me. If we love each other so much why can't we make it work just him and I?
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Honestly, I think you love him more than he loves you. I think he's more in lust with you than love. Just my 2 cents. I think you should get away from him and find someone who truly loves you.

Does anyone else have a story like this? It seems as if I am the only one who has had 2 relationships for almost my whole marriage in the excess of 10 yrs. I need advice from someone who has been in a similar place.