I Am The Ow And Right Now I'm Happy But How Long Will This Last?

My MM and I heard about each other through a mutual friend. We all share a love for communication and broadcasting. They knew each other for years and had a group they formed with some other people to share their love for their hobby and help each other out when needed. I heard about the group and wanted to join so after speaking and getting to know all the group members I had to work hard to show them my dedication to the hobby in order to be accepted...
During this process of getting to know everyone, he and I would text a lot when he was at work (which was at night, he is also w the FBI). I knew he had just been married two months prior and didn't think anything of it until his texts to me got a bit more flirty. When I asked if he was flirting he undoubtably replied "Maybe". And from that moment on we flirted w each other but I never thought it would go beyond that until... after spending time with him a few times, It did. 

That was 4 Months ago and now we are in what feels like the process of building a relationship/love for each other. We talk to each other every single day and see each other no less than every other day. We work together frequently and have spent more than a few nights/mornings in each others arms.  You can definitely tell we are dependent on one another and feel like our days our incomplete without speaking to each other. We have taken trips together and even went as far as dinner and a movie holding hands walking into the building like we were together. It felt good but at the same time I'm not stupid I don't expect him to leave his wife and although we go through drastic measures to keep our relationship under wraps, I know this can only go so long without us being caught. And sometimes it feels like we can get a little bit careless because we are together ALL THE TIME!  I'm scared to be caught because I own my own business and the backlash of me helping a very popular and powerful man have affair could quite possibly ruin me. Plus a lot of our very very close mutual friends would probably feel betrayed and it would definitely ruin our friendships and we both have a lot to lose. But I can't leave him alone. They way we are it feels like he is my bf and it's very easy to forget he has a wife because he is with me so much. Idk what I am planning to get out of this in the end but I know I need to decide soon how/when to end it because as close as we are now, the longer we go, the harder it will be to leave and the more I will feel the pain of breaking it off. He means a lot to me now already and idk what I would do without him in my life. Choices, choices.... I really just need someone to talk to who is going or has been in the same situation. 

It's so much more to my story but I was trying to keep it short.
TornNBtThe2 TornNBtThe2
May 16, 2012