The Older Man

I enjoy having sex with my boyfriends coach, who is fifteen years older than me, more than with my boyfriend.
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Nothing is right or wrong..Only our thinking makes it so!

If you are not married then it is not an affair , it is called fornication, sex outside of marriage. Feel sorry for your guy, he should dump you and the *** coach..

I am older and love to cross dress. Would you like to go to dinner with me then allow me to change into a crossdresser and **** your brains out and *** all over your face???<br />
XOXXO<br />

did u feel ashamed when u were ******* him--

Well two and a half years later, I've matured a lot and looking back now I'll be the first to admit how stupid I was. The affair started by just group gatherings, he would flirt with me, and I enjoyed the attention, something my boyfriend just wasn't giving me. I ended the affair a few months after it started, and then broke up with my boyfriend a few months after that. It's something I will never do again, and am pretty ashamed of myself for even starting it to begin with.

How did the older man get you going that your BF didn't? Where are you at now, two years on?

Do you need to be told your wrong and dirty?? Why start a relationship if your going to waste the other persons time?? Your not worth having. Karma babe...brace yourself!

ROFLMAO! The coach probably has "perfected his techniques " and is more experienced due to his years. I can identify with appreciating the SKILLS of an older man! Think he'd be willing to "COACH" the boyfriend and give him some POINTERS??!! WOW! Have you got an interresting game going!