I Cannot Stop My Affair

Iam a married man in an affair for 20 months. My affair partner and I have tried to break it off many many times but we cannot for the connection between us is so strong. I was going to leave my wife because we were not getting along and we discussed the things that were wrong in our relationship and she is working so hard to fix them for me. I have 4 wonderful kids and Iam flirting with disaster for both my family and my affair partner who I fell in love with when my wife was so distant from me. Why cant I stop? Married for 18 years My affair partner is recently divorced. She wants me to leave my wife and if I had no kids I would be gone. I think about my affair partner constantly.
Troubled56 Troubled56
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

I have been having an affair for over 4 years. I tried to break it off by moving to opposite side of country to give my marriage a second chance. The problem is that I can't let go of my AP and have seen him several times since I moved. I feel we connect on so many levels and, yet, I'm not willing to leave the safe haven of my 20 year (loveless and non-intimate) marriage. We have a teenage son and I don't want to disrupt his life. I'm consumed with guilt for all the damage I have created, particularly for stringing my AP along. I've fallen into a severe depression and don't know what to do.

Ask your gf what she thinks you should do given your situation. Will she handle 4 kids from your previous marriage?