Strange Ending

So here's my situation. This is probably more of a vent than anything I guess because I think I know what's going on but wouldn't mind seeing some opinions. So my emotional AP was a 40 y/o co-worker that started just after she began her second marriage (about 7 years ago)...I'm single. Got to know her a little bit and thought she was cool and cute and all but soon after, I got a promotion and rarely saw her. I'm pretty social in the workplace and attend many afterwork functions with co-workers and she's never attended for years. Then a couple years back she showed up at our holiday party without her husband and seemed really flirty but nothing really happened other than dancing. A few more months passed and she invited me to this going away party for a mutual co-worker and we ended up hitting it off pretty well. Heavy flirting and ended up basically locking eyes for some time and there was obviously something there. That was that because we both realized she's married. Shortly after that, we began exchanging messages on FB and nothing heavy or direct. Mostly joking around with occassional flirting. We hung out a couple more times over the coming months and the flirting continued to pick up to the point where we were texting and telling each other at 3 AM after a night out that we wish we could be together instead of in seperate beds, etc. Then she would sort of pull back, then things would get close again. We never had sex and never even kissed (altough we came close a couple times and backed off). We have hung all over each other and held hands at times but that's about as far as it went physically. We did trade suggestive pics and texted almost daily for nearly two years. All during this time, I continually told her I didn't want to ruin her marriage although did want to get more physical obviously. Well it all seems to have come to an end recently when she texted me one night after we were out saying how she values my friendship and sorry for leading me on but we can never be anything more. She also went on to say what we had was nothing more than "friend fun" all this time and to forgive her for misleading me. At the same time a week later she is process of seperating with her husband for other reasons within her marriage. It was all really curious timing that she might actually be single soon. I could feel her shutting down to me for months and I would question her on it and she was just say "sorry".  Not sure exactly what to make of it. I assume I started liking her more than she liked me and she just lost interest in me (I pushed her away) or wants to play the field being newly single or both. Just curious to get some other takes.

Light22 Light22
Sep 11, 2012