The Date

This is a fantasy I am writing of a fictional date I would love to have. You know who you are!
After a spectacular evening of good food, great conversation and fabulous wine. I coyly hinted that I would like her to come back to my place; I naturally assumed that she would say she couldn’t, her husband was waiting for her or she had to get up early, but she said yes, I was in heaven.
I had dreamed of being alone with her for so long, all of our chatting and exchanging pictures. I had an erection that I thought would bust out of my pants. I said a silent prayer to the double stitching and riveted construction of my Levis. Then my second shock of the evening, she said let’s leave her car at the restaurant and come get it later.
Ever the gentleman, I opened her door and watched her nimbly slide in and smile up at me. I walked around, moving my hardon a little to relieve some tension. Got into my side and started the car. A little small talk and I told her it was about 30 minutes to my apartment and offered her the radio controls to listen to whatever she wanted. She chose a classic rock station and we headed out.
During the drive I reached over and placed me hand on her leg right above her knee. Her dress had ridden up a little so I moved it out of my way so I could touch nothing but her soft skin. She leaned into my shoulder and I cursed the fact that my car has bucket seats. Now we have chatted together for a little while so there was not much about each other we did not know. It was just the first time we have met.
She reached over and started lightly rubbing my leg and sliding her hand over my stiff ****. She leaned in and whispered into my ear, “Can I finally see it?”
“Of course you can.” I said, my voice catching with the excitement.
She unzipped my fly, undid my belt and I rose up a little so she could loosen them up a little. If you ever tried removing an erect **** from a tight pair of jeans while driving 70 down the highway, it is not as easy as it appears in the movies. She finally got me unveiled and bent down to kiss the head. She laid her head back on shoulder. Slowly stroking my **** as I drove. Then she bent down and took me in her mouth. Licking and sucking, while I tried to maintain a steady speed and stay in my lane.
I must say that I was experiencing the best blow job of my life. I knew I was not going to be able to maintain my composure very much longer. I set the cruise control and opened my legs as wide as I could and just enjoyed the ride. It did not last long, I felt the familiar tingling deep in my balls and I could feel them tightening up against base of my ****. She could tell also because she picked up her speed and then plunged down and took my entire **** deep into her throat.
I bucked and shot my entire load down her throat, it was powerful and felt like I would never stop cuming. She just accepted it all, the thing I could feel moving was the muscles in the back of her throat.
She finished by licking and sucking me dry and gently tucked my flaccid **** back in my pants. She came back up and rested her back on my shoulder and we did not say another word until we reached my place. I leaned over and kissed her deeply before we get out and I could taste my saltiness on her tongue.
We went inside and went straight to my couch. I casually pulled her closer to me. At this point I see she was aroused, her nipples were very hard. We had not yet said a word and I did not think that anything needed to be spoken. I stood her up and pulled her dress over her head and removed her bra. Standing there wearing only a pair of sexy little panties, a sly smile on her face.
I pulled her down on my lap, facing me as I took one of her perfect breasts in my hand and flicked her nipple with my tongue. I was amazed that it seemed to get even harder. My left hand fondling and pinching her left nipple I was sucking on her right. She started moaning and I knew I was on the right track. I spent my sweet time playing, licking, nibbling and sucking on her nipples and breasts.

I slide her off of my lap and laid her back on the couch, slide her panties down her shapely legs and got my first few of her neatly trimmed beautiful *****. I spread her legs and she was glistening, wet, almost to the point to dripping. I reached down and slowly stroked her, from top to bottom barely parting her lips with my finger. Her ***** was quivering with what looked like bouts of miniature ******* as I opened her up to unveil her ****.
I bent down and inhaled her sweet scent as I flicked her **** with my tongue. She tasted just as I had imagined all those night of chatting while jacking off, dreaming of this moment. I licked her from top to bottom. Sucking her **** between my lips, while licking her I inserted my thumb in her ***** and my index finger in her ***. Finger ******* her while bringing her to a powerful ******.
She was panting and shaking as I stood up a removed my clothes. My **** was back to a full erection. She just looked at it and rolled over and got on her hands and knees pointing that beautiful *** in the air and the perfect invitation.
I slowly entered her from behind, took and couple of nice slow strokes, getting the entire shaft wet and slippery. I made a big thrust and buried myself all the in to the hilt. I grabbed a hand full of her short pixie hair. Then I started pounding her, thinking about nothing but driving my **** into her as hard and fast as I could.
I don’t know if I lasted 5 minutes or 30. There were the rhythmic pounding of my heart, the slapping of my balls against her wet *****, everything else was a blur. Then I felt the surge, I let go of her hair and grabbed hold of her hips, two or three more thrusts and I felt the fountain of *** shooting deep inside her.
I collapsed on top of her and I felt our hearts thumping in sync with each other. We panted and kissed for a few minutes while the room stopped spinning.
We got cleaned up and dressed and just hugged each other for a few minutes. I drove her back to her car and told her goodnight. She drove back to her life and I will look forward to our next chat.
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This is a good story.