Him And My Neighbor

I'm seeking understanding on how could my husband, man, lover, kids father of 18 years move to my hometown and get so acquainted with my neighbor that they've had an affair I believe for about 8 months. We share two beautiful active talented smart daughters 9 and 12. They love family time and their dad. This man would come home look at us daily, sex me, refer to me as babe or wife and I found him in my neighbors bedroom at midnight with from what I could see no shirt on but common sense tells me he didn't have pants on either. Something told me ( Holy Spirit) that he was seeing someone in our complex. His car was often at home but he wasn't. I had been so busy working two jobs going to grad school taking girls to soccer volleyball and bible Study that by time we got home it was late and I was exhausted. He worked rather late most nights and would get home about 11:30/12. One Thursday evening he came home, showered, and left out patio. I asked where he was goin and he replied I'm grown and left out door. I tried to lay down and get some rest and couldn't. I went and sat. In my car and talked to my girlfriend and I told her I think he's seeing someone in our complex. I sat until I seem him and it was about 12:45. He went in house I asked where was he and he said at Eric's house, I proceeded believed him and went to bed. Fast forward, Sunday night he came home showered and acted as if he was in living room watching tv. He had begin to fall asleep on the couch so I assumed that's where he was. When I went into other room he truck was outside but he wasn't anywhere to be found. I walked to back of building since he said he was at Eric's house the night before and I look up and see him bare in my neighbor HN bedroom, I stood there in unbelief and my mind started goin back to all the times I've seen his truck but not him. He kept putting his head down and looking at her. He started to walk towards her as if he was about to perform oral sex on her and I said something. He immediately grabbed a pillow and started yelling its nothing like that, ain't nobody doin anything. He kept pillow up to him until I couldn't see him anymore and when he came back to window, I could now see his pant and he still had the pillow up to his chest! He and down with white shirt in anger and rage as if I had just lost it which, I did. He was in the bed with me the day before! My mind raced back and I found panties in my house I heard a female voice in my living room and I also heard him sneaking through the patio door. He screwed her in my house thinking I was in the bed sleep. I hate so bad I didn't wake up. My bladder filled like I had to go so bad and I Laid there exhausted. I had worked my part time job that evening and my back and feet hurt so bad. I found feminine wash in my wash by patio door when I packed hi things putting him out the house. I recalled that Friday I came home, there was a pillow in between my wall and headboard. I believe he had her in my bed. Still to this day he's lying and denying ever touching her. She's with someone who claims that's his fiancé, but my h had shared before all this hit the ceiling that they were swingers! I'm devastated as more and more gets revealed. He refuse to walk out my life! This hurts so bad! The man I loved and cared about was capable of mistreating me and his own kids and show no remorse.
757holmes 757holmes
36-40, M
Dec 6, 2012