What Am I Thinking!?!?!?

Okay so I am having an affair. I know it's completely wrong but I feel like I can't stop. We are both married. It started out as flirting online and talking A LOT. Then he confessed he'd a a crush on me for years. I have always been attracted to him so of course I started feeling butterflies. I told myself I would just talk and flirt, well that led to meeting and talking. So far we have only met about 5 times and made out but nothing more. We talk everyday and he keeps telling me he loves me and wants to be with me. I can't stop thinking of him and I am going crazy knowing this will cause nothing but pain. How do I make myself walk away??? I'm so unhappy in my marriage and this guy is making me feel the "in love" chemicals that feel sooo amazing! I need help!
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3 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Why do you have to walk away? What is wrong with having caring person on the side? We as a society are just too prudish and controlling of the outdated institution of marriage! It worked when the man was the "hunter/gatherer" and the woman was stuck taking care of the house, but that is not the picture today. Put your big girl panties on (or maybe leave them at home) and live your life. You will be happier if you do even if you stay with your husband.

This could be my story except for the love part. I think he told me he loved me once when I was getting out if the car but I don't know. I can't say that I love him but I do have really deep feelings for him.

And on days like today it kills me. He's at home with his wife and I'm here pretending to be ok when all I can do is wonder if he is thinking of me too :(