Feels So Right and So Wrong...

You know something is wrong, but it feels so right.  How to deal?  I know that it won't go anywhere, but I enjoy the company and the comanionship.
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ur getiing ****** and u like it---its a taboo--enjoy hte ride while it lasts--but set the limits--if u gt caught then deal with the consequences

I fully understand those moments. I miss them when they are not there and I have to live the life I have grown to dislike.<br />
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I finally broke down after the holidays and told my husband that he was driving me away and he laughed and told me that I was being melodramatic. I asked him to please stop being so nasty and making me the brunt of his jokes and he told me to get over it. I asked him to sit with me and hold my hand and treat me like his wife and a woman and he just walked away.<br />
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He does not seem to realize what he is doing to me as a person and as a woman. <br />
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The other person is my friend as well as all the other things. The moments with him are special and fun and I never feel inadequate or less than. The restoration you speak of that I too seek and gain from this person give me the strength to make it through another day.

Yep!! I am doubting my 15 year relationship with my husband. He's worn me out and I feel driven away though that was not his intention...<br />
I just want to be with this guy who makes me feel calm and relaxed and happy and MYSELF!!!!<br />
But I have a family and he can't offer me more than just moments. Still... I can't stop seeking the moments! It restores me

Exactly what I had in mm. But I walked away. It was too much for me to bear. But it was a ride.

I too know the feelings you talk of - I married for the wrong reasons and found the right one somewhere along the way... never meant for it to happen, don't know why it did, and yes, though it is wrong... it feels way too right..<br />
<br />
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He is getting divorced and though I do not want to stay, I don't know if I can leave. I also don't think I can stay. I married my friend and live like roommates, so the companionship, the friendship, having someone actually want to be with me and like me for who I am and does not judge who I am.. it is amazing and yes, it feels more than right. <br />
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Take care of yourself in all of this.

Be careful!!! It sounds like exactly what I went through. As I sit crying!!!because its not going anywhere and never will because we are both married and have kids. Stop it now because the hurt will be more then you can bare

I think that is what does it. It is forbidden fruit. That makes people want it even more.

it creates feelings of euphoria.
it is similar to an addiction.
be careful. the high will wear off.