Me and my OM are planning our first overnighter together. Problem is I don't know where to tell my H I'll be for the weekend. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated
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I have an idea. How about you do something honest for a change and tell your husband you don't love him and leave him instead of using him. That way you want have to lie and be even more pathetic.

What's pathetic is going on post that don't concern you only to bash the writer. Im sure there are more important things that you could be doing with your time and if there aren't...well then that's even more pathetic wouldn't you agree?

Im actually packing for school right now. What's even more pathetic then her immoral cheating is you defending her don't you think? I'm guessing you've found yourself in the same cheating boat at some point? Sorry I'm a decent human being. Why can't she just let her husband find somebody who will actually love him and care for him instead of somebody who asks strangers to help her come up with lies? And if my commenting on a post that dosen't concern me is pathetic then so is your response to comment that doesen't concern you.

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply I was busy doing more important things, like I suggested that you do. I wouldn't want you to think that you intimidated me or made me question my morality in any way. Tell me honey is it all the studying youve done in school that made you come to the brilliant conclusion that perhaps ive "found myself in the sanw cheating boat" I say that with as much sarcasm as I can muster I assure you. Yes I believe that you can love someone in more than one way there are three actually maybe you can research and read up on that when you feel the need to troll around on post that you do not personally relate to. Now on to things being pathetic, I searche for this forum because I am having an affair see how that works? Im not a student looking to chastise someone over their lifestyle choices. Because I posted previously on this your response came up on my email....are you following? And clearly by my lack of immediate response there are things that take up my day unfortunately (those pesky grown up problems) as far as things being more important than helping a female in a similar situation well whats more important than helping others regardless of subject or in what sense the help is delivered? I end this by saying:
- stick to topics you know
- be more original in your dialogue, while imitation is flattery I was hoping for a little more creativity
- best of luck in school darlin' make the most of it your future is dependent upon it. Goodnight :-)

Hahaha guess you got me there. I'm not a **** so I can't really give other ***** advice. Guess I'll just stick to being a decent human being and not destroying others emotionally. I know firsthand the damage caused by peoples selfish affairs as my family is currently going through it. Also great way to chastise me because of my youth

Don't make me wash out your mouth with soap young man ;-)

That really hurt my feelings.

Also I'm sure there are more important things you could be doing than helping a women further her affair or responding to my comment right?... If not well that's even more pathetic wouldn't you agree?

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Don't listen to the people who have nothing better to do than to try and push their opinion on others. I always say work related trips, visiting family who hed never call or visiting a friend because that would give yoh a reason answer your phone if your catching up with someone you haven't seen in a while. If he doesn't suspect your cheating he won't think too much of it and if.your OM knows your married maybe just take 10 mins to call.your husband or text a little during the night so he feels at ease

Thank you. I think I will go with the friend option. I have a friend who I go and visit on occasion that he doesn't know but he wouldn't think anything of it. It's good to get some people posting who are actually useful

Do you have any out of town relatives that you can say you are visiting? If not a "girls weekend" may be the only excuse.

You are increasing your risk of being caught by going on an overnight. Maybe you should be content with briefer liaisons with your OM. Is he married too?

He is married too. We know it's risky that's why we are planning in advanced. We can't keep meeting in an office after hours

Joey sort this chick out please!

If you are so critical about what I have said/ doing why are you looking in this experience?

You are sick. My wife cheated on me. It almost destroyed me. Come clean. Grow up!

I don't know you so why would your comments effect what I do with my life. Keep your judgement to yourself

True. It's very raw for me, I don't know you, sorry.

Because he's been through exactly what your husbands going through, all that betrayal, broken trust, broken heart. You really don't feel bad?

Girls weekend. Just get your girls on board to cover for you.

That was a thought I had is that convincing enough?

If you get a couple of your best girls on board it shouldn't be a problem. When were you gna do this?

In about 3 weeks so plenty of time to start planning a cover story

Ok. Start talking about it with your hub. Like. Oh thinking about doing an overnight get away with the girls..." Then, Pick out your most trustworthy girls. A whole weekend? Or just a day trip with an overnight? I think I would start with an overnight. Not telling you what to do! ๐Ÿ˜‰ but your anxiety will ride high & the longer you are away, the more chance your hub may get suspicious.

I mean. How is he with the phone. Are you and hub always texting. Does he check up on you? Is there any reason for him to think something is going on now?

Yeah it's just one night. He rarely checks in when I'm not around. Don't text all that often and he isn't suspicious

Thanks for your help

Let me know how it goes. I've been here. It's excitement, anxiety, thrilling & like a roller coaster all in one! Good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰

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How about you don't sleep over and be a faithful wife?

I came here for help not for you to judge my decisions

If you said you were going to beat a child or plan a murder you would hace come for advice too. When you do something immoral (by every cultures standards) and intentionally hurtful.. you're going to get judged. You knew it when you posted it unless you are extraordinarily challenged.Either OWN the nonempathettic adultery and be proud that you are an immoral and cruel individual, or don't post it.

I do own it but I'm just not interested in strangers putting their two cents worth in when it's not what I'm here for. If you don't agree with it don't read the story it's really that simple

We are here to try and stop you from further emotionally ruining another human being who you made a promise to love and be honest with. We all seem to care more about your husbands feelings than you do, that's honestly pathetic and if you keep living a low life like that then expect to get ****** over.

Then that will be something I have to deal with and not you but cheers for the concern


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