Ruff Sex

i spent alotta time with my girls man today,he came over after my old man left for work...he said he been missing (his dirty old *****). as soon as he came in the front door he push me down to my knees an had me take his **** out an start suckin it. he said he had just ****** my daughter an wanted me to clean it off for him. he didnt wantta  come in my mouth  though,he hauled me up an told me to ***** butt naked..then he shoved a finger up my *** an grabbing me by the back of my neck he led me into my bedroom ..he kept asking me what i wanted for him to do to me ..i told him i wanted him to **** me **** his old *****.he shoved me on the bed an started slappin me around  ..saying yeah ***** you just like your daughter both you ****** hoes like a little ruff treatment huh...he had never slap me around that hard before..i damn near saw stars when he slap me upside the head

jlpeach jlpeach
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3 Responses Mar 24, 2009

my daughter probably wouldnt care she probably be cool with old man im sure would be pissed but that nigga im sure is cheating on me anyway,he just likes to be the one to do it dont believe i should ...and yes i got other niggas i **** with from time to time. its just that i enjoy ****** with him the most cuz he knows exactly how i likes to be treated!

Putrid. Disgusting. Despicable.<br />
<br />
And these are the nice things I have to say about you.<br />
<br />
The fact you are willing to risk destroying your relationship with your daughter, not to mention your husband, is outright sickening to me. Truly, do you not have any other ******* guy out there you can go to other than your daughters man?<br />
<br />
What goes around....comes around. May it come around to your retarded ***.

yes its true,we get together from time 2 time..terrible r not i just cant say no 2 him,its not really love i feel 4 him its more plain old lust an the idea of being bad thats just 2 hard 2 resist.