Everytime I Think Im Gonna Stop, He Gives Me A Reason Not To.

so i thought to myself that i was gonna stop having sex with my friend...try to stay true to my husband, but then he gives me reasons not to.

he treats me like **** and i run to my friend to make me feel better. my friend is a big part of my life...he always makes me feel better no matter what. my husband just makes it so hard to stay true to him with the way we fight.

sometimes i think i should just stop it with my friend..and see if things can go back to normal...(which i know it wont) but then i see him...and hug him...and kiss him...and all my worries go away. he makes me feel young again...or well...my age again. its not just about sex...i love to spend time with him..and i love his family.

i just dont know what to do. i love my husband but i cant stand him. and i never want to live without my best friend. and my husband hates my best friend...(he dont know about us)  and my husband dont want me to have any friends...so it makes this harder.

nunyahbissnes nunyahbissnes
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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

DarkerGaming is right , continuing relationship with ur bestfriend on ur husband's back is unfair on him . saying " u can't stand him or u guys fight alot " can't be an excuse for cheating . <br />
Dump ur husband & be with ur lover.

Simple solution. Get a divorce and pursue a relationship with your friend. If you two are as close as you say, it shouldn't be that hard. It isn't fair for you or your husband to stay together if you "can't stand him" or whatever.