I Want Out!

but how...how do i end an affair...especialy when its with my best friend.

im so ******* stupid. yes i love my best friend...but now that weeks have past and me and my husband are getting along better than ever...i think that the lust just became too thick to see over.

now...im starting to see...i dont want out of this marriage. i have fought so hard the past 5 years to be with my husband...and now i see that. now i see that this is the life for me...to follow him. i guess now that he is deploying to afgan. and i know we are going to be apart makes me realize how much of a mistake i made.

yes, he treated me like ****. but we was fighting...ever couple fights. and this isnt some high school romance that you can end by passing a note...this is marriage people!

and i dont want to hurt my best friend...who has told me over and over that he has loved me from the start. 7 years or friendship i have just ruined. by me being lonely and feeling unloved because i was fighting with my husband...i had sex with my best friend after him telling me he has always loved me and he was just waiting for his time.

i dont want to hurt either...but this has to end. i dont think i will ever tell my husband....(you just have to know him) but i fear that if i try to end it with my friend that he will tell.

please dont lecture me...i know what i did was wrong...and i would probably diserve it if he told....but if only you knew how much i love both of them.....one as a friend...one as a soul mate.

so without the b*tching and whatnot....tell me what to do...how to get out of it.

nunyahbissnes nunyahbissnes
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 23, 2010

if he is your best friend, he should want what's best for you, even (or especially) if it means ending your relationship so you can concentrate on your marriage. No, it won't be easy for either one of you. to me, that's what best friends do - they want the best for each other. I love my boyfriend, but I would walk away without hesitation if I ever jeopardized his marriage, and he would do the same for me. So my advice would be to broach the subject in that regard: you have to do what's best for YOU, and that means working on your marriage.