Not Sure What To Do?

I am having am affiar with a man who has been married for 7yrs. The only reason why he got married was because she was pregnant and it was 'the right thing to do'. Their daughter is 7yrs old. We have been 'involved' for 2yrs. He has discussed divorce with his wife many times, but they are trying to make it work because of their daughter. If there was no child involved they wouldve gotten divorced long ago. He is afraid that if they get divorced he will lose his daughter. His daughter means the world to him. This is why he is sticking it out. I love him more than anything. What should I do? What are the possibilities of him getting a divorce? Should I wait for him, wait for his daughter to get older so that she wont get hurt as much (in the divorce) if she was older?

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1 Response Mar 6, 2010

Take it from me its not worth the pain and agony.<br />
I am sure he is the best right now but his love for his daughter is stronger<br />
and that bond will always tie the three of them.<br />
That line about if the child was not there - its partly because<br />
deep down they feel an obligation to their wife there is still that <br />
initial love that stops him from just walking out.