I Love My Affair...and Feel No Guilt!!!

I am so alive!  Finally...again!  I am having an affair and do not feel any guilt!  My husband and I have been having problems for the past 3 to 6 years...each year gets worse.  I felt neglected and controlled.  He knows and knew this.  But his personality is to avoid confrontation until his back is against the wall.  Well...my recent contact with an old flame (17 years later) has done this...his back is against the wall and he is reacting!  But I met my old flame (there is an ocean between us and the opportunity came for us to see each other only after reconnecting 2 months)...and the attraction was too strong to avoid!  I love my husband and am committed to working on our marriage, that he is so eager to do now...but my old flame makes me feel alive!  He is in an unhappy marriage...actually he was pressured to marrying his wife after an unexpected/unwanted pregnancy...which also was the reason I now find out now, 17 years later, why he stopped our relationship!

I have no expectations with this affair...I do not expect him to leave his family and he does not expect me to leave my family.  We will enjoy each other...we have a strong connection.  All I am certain of, is this affair is a blessing...life saving for me!

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Well, did you go ahead with the affair and if so, please let me know. Im in the same type of relationship although my partner loves me and is great in every way except for the bedroom department. I know people will say what a selfish cow, a good man, who treats you like a lady etc but please there are other factors that have to be taken into consideration,

15oao , best of luck & be postive

15oao , best of luck & be postive

Thank you for your comment! I do want it to work out with my husband. My affair is far away and when we see each other again is not known, as of yet. This is a plus regarding on fixing and working on my marriage. I can not say either way what will happen. All I know is that my relationship with my husband is moving in a positive direction. It may sound odd, but being with my old flame has made my relationship with my husband...particularly physically...stronger. My husband is becoming attractive to me again. So he is not working on something that is a lie. I am really committed to trying to make it work. We have dreams for ourselves and our children that I want to see come to reality...together...my husband and I. Thank you for making me think...I really appreciate comments and feedback!

" I love my husband and am committed to working on our marriage.........." <br />
<br />
so r u planning to continue fooling ur husband by secretly continuing ur affair , while ur husband believes that u r done with the affair & now u r committed to ur marriage ? <br />
I am not saying its wrong or right . he is so eager to work on ur marriage ? but he will be working on something that is a lie . Its good for u that u dont feel the guilt because then it will be easy for u to fake love with ur husband while seeing ur old flame too , <br />
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Best of luck