Should I?.....

Should i continue my relationship with my bf if i'm already cheating on him with two other men, before he's even got round to proposing. i do love him, but the sex is basically non-existent. n i know sex isn't everything but my two mm's make me happy, and they both know about each other so don't mind sharing me. (obvs my bf doesnt know).
i'm just wondering whether i should end it now to save hurting him any more than i have to?
or do i wait and sit out the no sex/ boring stage in our relationship n try to make it more interesting.
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Don't fool yourself if sex is not one of the bed rocks for a successful relationship it is a close second. Just ask your two mm.

You obviously answered your own question

Well you can try wait it out because it seems like you have found a solution to your problem.I know the solution cant go on forever.If you did leave your current BF what are the odds of you dating one of the two guys and after ayear or so of dating him and things die down do you go on the hunt again.....My marriage is sexless and i am seriously considering what you are doing but with just one woman i think juggling 2 would be a lil much with my work schdule!