He And I

He is a 37 year old, successful, handsome, and married man. Thank God he has no children. He and I first started talking while he and his wife were separated. Our relationship has blossomed since then, and even they are back together we have stayed in touch. I'm not a love-struck young girl, I know when push comes to shove I'll be left, but I'm really not planning on that. I know he makes me happy, and if I have to share then I guess that's what it comes down to.

KristinaQ KristinaQ
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 17, 2010

no find the strength know that your the side piece if you were more he would tell you and DO something about it, when push comes to shove ppl will do the most amazing things for love, for freedom, for justice etc etc Im just saying dont be ok with what this attractive smart man is doing to you...He is in control do you ever wonder how much of a ego he has...what he probably says to himself about what he is doing to you and his wife stringing two women along. Get out before you invest years, time and more feelings!!

There is a reason they are back together. Don't waste your time being someone's "side person" . Find yourself someone that you can spend holidays with and vacations with and just everday life with. Don't sell yourself short. Dont you want the whole package??

Yep.I did this once and you know what, she won. He was depressed and lost and all that ****** stuff, but I guess he figured it out cause they are still together. All these years later (like 15) they have 2 kids and are still married. Do yourself a favor and move the hell on.