I Have Great Speakers

I'm gonna blast all my favorite songs of his. I love "I'm so tired of being alone, my god is real, let's stay together, here I am (take me by the hand)...he is awesome.

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7 Responses Feb 24, 2009

he was awesome in concert.

oh you are lucky ive never seen him in concert just play his cds over and over again

thanks lilyiam07, my mom raised me on the likes of al green, marvin gaye, aretha franklin, etta james, the temptations...all good stuff.

That's good, because Al deserves good speakers! He certainly is the man. And you do have good taste. I wish I could be there to blast some Al with you :) my favorite of his is "Take me to the river".

I fell inlove with Al when I heard him in my blues loving friend's car one night. He has a beautiful, sexy voice. I congratulate you on your great taste!!!

yeah. I've seen him in concert too and it was awesome.

That can be a dangerous thing to have....<br />
I find his music a real turn on.