I Am Having An Emotional Affair With A Friends Wife

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I am having an emotional affair with one of my best friends wife and i don't know what to do can anyone help?
I met my wife when i was 18 and eventually we got married and have two children. The women im having an emotional affair with met my friend at 18 and got married and have two children. We are both 41 now but my life is a mess. We have always had a big circle of friends and ive known my friends wife for 23 years. The strange thing is for 20 years it was known to all our friends that me and her had a dislike for each other and we just avoided each other like the plague. I disliked her because i thought she hated me. Me and my wife were the only couple to be excluded from her wedding, her house parties etc. Anyway three years ago we exchanged mobile phone numbers because my friend wanted me to contact his wife so i could gain access to his house to do some work for them. A month after i finished working at their house she sent me a text message. I replied but was very confused as to why as we had this history of mutual hatred. That was three years ago, now we text each other 50 times a month and we flirt really badly. We mainly text when our partners are not around and sometimes its very late at night when they are in bed. Thing is im now madly in love with her and im 100% sure she is too. Over the last 7 months things have been awkward when we meet as a group. Think other friends are noticing and her husband who is my friend is starting to work it out. Think my wife hasn't a clue.
Other strange things happening to. I don't love my wife and i think she is a closet lesbian in fact im sure she is.
My best friend has told me to leave my wife but he has told me he is in love with me and he wants us to have a gay relationship. Ive told him no cos im not gay but he is still my best friend.
Also my wifes parents live next door to this women who is a widow and she has told me also that she is in love with me. Think i need to go on Jeremy Kyle! PLEASE HELP!
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Dude, you are in such a mess..****** your friends wife, since he is gay and doesn't realy love her. That way he will be able to go and get himsellf a true love, get out of closet, start his real life. I get it, your life is so complicated, long marriages, aquired things...Most importantly, children. You think they will flip and become drug adicts if you get divorced? Nope, they will be fine. Better than living in a family where mommy and daddy don't love each other, are cold to each other. Now that is a bad example that will not teach them to be happy and to love...<br />
You love her now, but probably that will not last (or it will). Your marriage is in a rot and you are looking for intimacy elsewhere..do you even have sex with your wife?